Southeastern Minnesota has always been my home for the past twenty seven years of my life. Though I’ve lived in Wisconsin through my college years, Texas early in my career, and settling in Burnsville, MN at the moment, bluff country had always been a sanctuary. I studied Elementary Education at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls and attempted my first video creations. There, at River Falls, I became infatuated with entrepreneurship and the idea of fulfilling a public need. My interest grew with computers and technology.

As I was finishing college, I married my sweetheart Sarah Rose Shields and moved to Dallas, Texas where I accepted a position as a 5th grade teacher. While holding two jobs and pursuing a masters degree in education administration, my interest grew with computers and technology, but seemed to particularly take hold with video creation and photography. Some events in life led my wife and I back to Minnesota where we currently live in Burnsville.

Youtube sensations Freddie Wong and Zach King are my inspirations for videography. They share an incredible amount of their work both post production as well as behind the scenes.

It would be my pleasure to create a video that not only captures the events of your wedding day, but depicts the love story between the bride and groom.

-Ryan Agrimson



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